North Country Spray Foam

Reduce Your Energy Bills


Spray Foam is the most energy efficient insulation money can buy. Unlike fiberglass bitts, which do not stop air leakage, Spray Foam insulation is an air barrier which offers zero air leakage and is classified as an Air Barrier. The air barrier aspects of spray foam alone can account for a 40% energy savings given a full envelope encapsulation with our spray foam. This savings coupled with the ability to downsize HVAC units by an average of 40% resulting in a total energy savings greater than 50% in many applications.


Comfortable Homes


Spray Foam is classified as an air barrier, therefore eliminating drafts, hot spots and cold spots delivery a consistent climate throughout your home.



Improve Indoor Air Quality


Spray foam insulation reduces the penetration of outdoor allergens, pollutants and moisture which negatively affect indoor air quality.


Reduces Sound Transmission


Closed Cell foam blocks transission of low frequency sound. Open celll spray foam absorbs mid to high frequency sound. In combination, the two can create an effective sound barrier. Air-tight, void free walls minimizw sound pathways.


Improve Your Home’s Value


Home inspections coupled with lower energy bills will certify your home's thermal efficiency and value. Investing in spray foam will boost your home's resale value making it the best investment money can buy.


Safer Home


Spray foam can increase your home's structural strength up to 3 times. Given the high compressive and tensile strength and the ability to act as a bonding agent in the walls and roof deck, Colonial Green Product's spray foam effectively glues your entire home together as one monotheistic seamless structure increasing your protection and safety from hurricanes, storms and high winds.